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Authentication failed for ‘

I am on lesson Demo: Explore Cloud Shell and Editor and clone git comand is asking for user name and password. What should I enter here. I tried using my personal gitlab user name and password by says access denied

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Hey there!  Could you please let us know where you got any link to GitLab?  We don’t use GitLab and all links should be going to GitHub.  

I just tested it, and I can still browse incognito-and-unauthed to .

I hope this helps.  And please do let us know where you got the bad link!  Thanks!


michele compri

Hi Mattias! I had quite same problem 🙁 I used the correct link, but once i copy and paste it, the system asked me ‘Username for ‘

michele compri

Which username should I insert?


you could also fork it to your own account and clone from the new link

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