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Audit Logs for a Firewall rule in GCP

Hello Cloud  Gurus,

When we create a new Firewall rule using the Google Cloud Console, I do not see any Audit logs. Does the action of creating a firewall rule not written to Audit Logs ?

Is there any documentation of high level actions that are added to audit logs vs the ones that do not get audit logged ?


Asad Siddiqi

I do see the radio button with a warning to enable logs which might generate a lot of logs and increase the Stackdriver cost but my question is specifically about the action of creating a firewall rule. I think there has to be a place where I can see a firewall rule was created at a specified date by a specified user otherwise I see security trouble if access is denied temporarily using firewall rules, Thanks and I appreciate your time and help

1 Answers

Nevermind. It just took a few minutes to update. I do see the Audit Log entries now. Thank you

Mattias Andersson


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