Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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At around 7:17, you click on vm instances and compute engine api does get enabled…

however, after a good 30 minutes, no service accounts show were created…at least it wasn’t displaying them.  Also, after I created a vm at the shell, there were still no service accounts.  I think maybe the current version behaves differently than when the lab video was created, as I do see differences in menus and other areas, like the ability to set archiving in the gui.

Eric Stephan

I couldn’t see any new Service Accounts when I clicked on the link in the menu, even a few minutes later. It wasn’t until I refreshed the page in my browser that I was able to see them.

Aleksandar Hristovski

Maybe try enabling a different service, and see if SA’s are created. It did so in mine.

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