Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Associate Cloud Engineer Preparation [Pass] Today

I’m here to share my preparation of ACE Certificate.

Actually, I failed on the first Exam because I was not prepared well.

So I try to find lots of practice and course to fulfill myself, then I see "A Cloud Guru".

This platform really helps me a lot in two ways, the precise lecture and valuable practices.

Here are the tips to pass the exam:

1. Watch [A Cloud Guru]: Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2019

2. Watch Coursera 

3. Watch [A Cloud Guru]: Kubernetes Deep Dive

4. Google Doc

5. Keep Practicing the questions

6. Do Hand’s on Lab

Thanks for Mattis provides this good platform to help people to learn in such an efficient way.


awesome, congrats!

1 Answers

Congratulations, yclin!  I’m so glad my course could help you turn the difficulty you’d originally had into a successful second attempt!  I’m happy to link this post into my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread, so that others can also find and benefit from your tips.  Keep being awesome!


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