Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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associate cloud engineer certification exam report

I took the exam in march 2019 and I passed. I would like to share some observations here-

1. It’s good to repeat ACG practice exam/linux academy challenge multiple times(its okay if score is not 100%!!). This would take away the stress element from real exam. Questions would appear familiar (even though they are not the same) because you have already ‘accessed’ those concepts when you repeated these exams.
2. All questions’ format was based on use case based scenarios. No question was referring to gcloud command syntax directly.

3. They really really make sure we are good at handling multiple projects, billing accounts, organisation resource. Billing IAM roles are crucial.

4. I am glad I brushed up Storage IAM roles and storage object’s life cycle management just before I went for exam!

Had I failed, I would revise like this-

1. IAM roles for storage, billing and projects mainly and check what is typical trend in Roles for any database solution.

2. check each and every option while creating a managed instance group and all load balancers. they tell you what all things are possible.

3. how service accounts and their keys work
4. which database solution is good for which use case and WHY? I could never remember them otherwise.

5. Must revise- Compute Engine scaling, instance lifecycle, VPC, subnets, routes, stackdriver logging(in-and-out), Good to know – kubernetes scaling, big data solutions, app engine scaling

No questions on details of VPN, Interconnect, DNS, NAT

Best practices are quite a lot to read through all of them. stackdriver, IAM roles based on organisation structure and roles played by different employees in real life in early stages of setting up accounts from scratch, setting up project(s), cloud storage access policies are super important.

"final prep" lecture in the GCP ACE course is very useful especially when you have booked your exam date and do not know what to do next!

Thank you Mattias for this course! I hope you guys add more content about app engine in the course.

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Congrats, Shadja! 🎉  Nicely done!  And thank you for writing up so many helpful pointers–both for what you did see and what didn’t show up on your exam! 😁👍  I have now linked to this post from my Exam Report Mega-Thread so that many people will see them.

For your point about matching database options with use cases, were the situations you were asked about covered by this flowchart and summary table?

Thanks, again!


shadja chaudhari

Not really. The GCP introduction lecture by ACG did cover those scenarios. The chart shown in that lecture which talks about "Ingestion, streaming, storage, analytics" gives insight on why these services come together to offer better solution. That made me answer the questions within seconds.

Mattias Andersson

OK! That’s good info. Thanks, Shadja! I’m glad that you felt that the storage lecture in the GCP crash course breadth coverage did cover it.


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