Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Associate Cloud Engineer

Passed the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.  The other posts in this thread are pretty spot-on as far as preparation and content, but my $0.02:


  • review the course, including the practice exams.  Mattias’s answer explanations are especially useful.

  • take some other practice exams under realistic conditions.  The other practice exams on Udemy are very helpful.

  • GCP minute posts on Youtube.


  • A lot on gcloud commands and kubernetes

  • A surprising amount on App Engine.  Mattias, my only feedback on the course is it might be a good idea to include your walk-through of creating, deploying, modifying, and reverting an app.  I get that you want us to pursue stuff on our own, but your initial guidance would be helpful.

  • A fair amount on deployment manager.  

  • I had plenty of time to finish and review — I marked 10 of the 50 questions for review and still finished early, so don’t sweat the 2 hour time limit.

Otherwise, thanks for a great course, Mattias — any thoughts as to a GCP Professional Architect Exam course?



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Well done !
 and thank you for the feedback


Moderator & Coach

Well done! 

Interesting to see that App Engine is that much asked in the certification, that’s a big service but I’m surprised to see it so often :thinking face:.

I think it could be a good idea to build a course which is separate from GCP certifications one on services like App Engine, Compute Engine, GKE and more recently Cloud Run (which is pretty new but tend to become a new "App Engine").

Excellent, Jerry!  Congrats on your ACE result! 😃👌  I’m really glad you got so much value from my courses, and it seems like you took good advantage of my practice exam questions and other prep tips. 👍

This post is indeed helpful advice, so I’m happy to link it into my Exam Report Mega-Thread! 😁  And I do take your feedback to heart, too.

As for the professional course, I definitely designed this ACE course to set you up for success, there, and I’m now building out this Professional Cloud Architect course–currently in early preview, as I write this.  I will be balancing my time supporting ACE students (such as based on your feedback) and adding more to this PCA, over the coming months.  I’d be happy for you to join me over there, and I look forward to any feedback you might offer.



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