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Ask for “enable billing” when i try to use Cloud Storage

Like shown in the video I have created a new project "Services Exploration Labs" but when i browse "Cloud Storage" i get this message "You can use Cloud Storage after you enable billing" and a button which says "Enable Billing". When I click here an try to "Set account" I get another message "Unable to enable billing

You have reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing. You can request an increase in your billing quota if you need to enable billing on additional projects."

If i try to use other service let say Compute I get the same error and ask me to enable billing.

4 Answers

Ah, yes.  I have also encountered this when I’ve had too many projects on the go at once.

Try restarting your browser–to ensure that no incognito windows in the background are logged into any other Google account–and then logging onto your administrative account in a new incognito web browser window.

Then go to your trial billing account and look at what projects you have attached to it.  You’ll probably have at least your billing export project (which you should keep) and some sort of "My User Project" that was auto-created for your administrate user.  That latter one you can probably delete, if you’ve not used it.  But if you’re not yet sure about deleting that project, it is also fine to just unlink it from billing, for now.  Either way, that will give your trial billing account a bit more linking quota that you can use for your "Services Exploration Labs" project with your user account.

Please let me know how this goes for you. Thanks.


Amit J

Hey Mattias: I am glad to see this super quick response. I followed your instructions and deleted "My User Project" and to my surprise I am now able to create a bucket! Thanks fo the quick help! Cheers! –Amit J

Mattias Andersson

Awesome! I’m glad to help. 🙂


Thanks Mattias, after a bit of head scratching I came across this thread. So in effect, you can maybe create projects up to the quota limit but you can only have three projects linked to your billing account in the trial. Disabling the billing on the default ‘My First Project’ allowed me to finally enable billing on the project ‘Services Exploration Lab’. Putting this out there for anybody else who runs into this as well.

Mattias Andersson

Correct! Well, each person’s "Billing Account Linking Quota" may be three or five or something else. And thanks for adding the clarification, shubhranjan!


Yes, I concur. Three projects max for me. They said I could request quota increase in support chat. What I did was unlink one of the unused projects. I then deleted it. Unlinking one allowed me to link another different one..

Bhanuchandar Kammakomati

thank @mattias it worked 🙂

Mattias Andersson

Glad it worked for you two, too! 🙂👍


yes, the max number of projects that can be linked to the billing account is 3. Subtracting to this the billing project we created for exporting the billing report to BigQuery, this leaves us with 2 projects for the user account.


Similar issue, followed same steps mentioned by Mattias and issue got resolved 🙂

Suvankar Bhowmick

Same issue – this helped. Thx Mattias.


Like most things I find "wrong", in training courses I’ve taken before. I think this is meant to be a "learning experience". It really got me to use the discussion forum, think about issue I was having, and it forced me to use the console and figure out how to fix it. I’m sure this was intentional, and I for one, appreciate it for what it is. An opportunity to grow my skills. Thank you Mattias!

Aman Madan

Thank you Matt and Shubhranjan


i am still facing a "You have reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing" issue when trying to link my new project to a billing account. There are no projects linked at the moment at page. I also tried closing incognito window and other browser.

wow…i spend 4 hours figuring this out…can we please update the course material on this topic…such a waste of time.  Thanks for the solution


to be fair Mattias did mention the max number of projects vs linked projects in one of the lectures earlier, having said that, it caught me out also, but I guess it’s one thing I’ll not forget now!

I’d say thank you all I was facing the same issue since I wanted to create a bucket. I just Disable billing from my First Project and Enable billing on another project  " Services Exploration Lab’.

You are guys aswome!

Ramesh Kumar Jha

I am facing again this issue while working for Challenge Lab GCE and after disabling the projects still not enabled

Ramesh Kumar Jha

it has been resolved after enabling the billing account on my billing account of admin. Thank you.

Rupesh Gupta

you can disable the account of service exploration lab then it will get enabled for Challenge Lab GCE

Hi Guys, 
Anyone around here? 

I was checking Mattias answer and to be honest it has not much sense to me could someone help me out?

at the beginning of the lab Mattias says that we should log and use the USER account and create " "Services Exploration Labs" which I did. 

then on the solution, we should login with the Amin account , " "Services Exploration Labs" is not there of course because it’s a different account .
billing and disable My First Project,  back to the user account, checked on cloud storage, and the same issue. .

What I am missing here?

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