Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Any previous courses/tech functionalities which will help before taking the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Any previous courses which will help before taking the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer as I don’t have a developer background. Very interested to learn while get stumped on some of the things in the course, want to learn cloud while not having a developer background and not knowing the command line feels like a big impediment. Feel like there needs to be a pre-course to get people familiar with underlying concepts which will make this course easier.

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Hello Pawar,

This question is very interesting. I have been a developer for 15+ years and recently started looking at GCP 2-3 months ago. The programming languages I have been using range from C, C++, C#, Java, javascript.

In my experience so far there is not much that developers would benefit from in this course. I feel we are at even ground and what you need to do in my opinion is to just be very familiar with the services that GCP offers and what should they be used for and what the best practice is.

However, I do see that if you are familiar with linux commands, Networking concepts like CIDR and subnets, containers etc from an administration level that experience will be useful. The other recommendation that I have is to do hands on practice alot.  Do the tasks and take the labs because the certification is meant to test you on the tasks in the life of a cloud Engineer. So focus on learning the platform and think about the scenarios that I could benefit like Scaling, Availability, Software Updates etc.

All the best to you. I find answers from Mattias and the ACG community very helpful in my learning.

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