Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Any good practice exams?


I’ve been looking into GCP for a while (hands-on, ACG courses, LA courses, Coursera courses), but from my experience from the AWS exams I learned the most from practice exams which pointed out the gaps in my knowledge. Whizlabs doesn’t have GCE practice tests, only GCA. On Udemy (my main source of practice tests) according to the reviews the tests range from unusable to incorrect/irrelevant. What did you use for preparation?



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I found the official GCP practice exam, the practice exam, and the Linux Academy practice exams most helpful and in that order.  The one on was the most difficult the last time that I took it. Also, the Linux Academy exam is the most representative (next to the official practice exam). My advice would be to ensure that you’re passing the official GCP practice exam consistently first. It’s short but the questions are the type and style you can expect. Practice on the exam until you’re confident that you’re competent in the areas identified that you need work on. Finally I’d take the Linux Academy one when you’re pretty close to sure you’re ready to take the exam. It’s not that it’s all that special but I think it’s like a one-shot deal if you just do the trial.

Good luck!



Any good practice Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam?

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