Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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ambiguity in question 1

Question 1 seems to be misleading. what do you mean by "to be created" gce is difficult to understand what is being asked?  one of the answers says to write one script for the fleet. how can you write for a fleet of instances? can you please explain what is the question asking. The explanation is not sufficient. at lest to me.

Steve Plowman

Yes, I got confused by this too. This is implying I can specificy a start-up script in one place and pick and choose which VMs my start-up script applies to.

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Keep in mind the the point of the exercise is to learn how to think through the questions and offered answers to arrive at the right or best answers. Part of that is not letting yourself get distracted by reading-in requirements or complication.  Start with what you have, it should be enough to answer if you understand the services and features. 

With all exam questions, the techniques only work if you actually understand how things work.  So if you were confused you should research; the ‘Strackdriver Logging’ feature, and how does Google automate fleet automation in particular scripting. Specifically is there such a thing as google ‘startup-script’ and ‘start-up script meta data’.

With regard to  "to be created".  Is it a technical term for a state in the work-flow?  If not, you need to interpret it in a simple plain english context.  i.e.  something  that is needed and is planned but is not yet completed.


Here is my research.  compare it to your.

  • I don’t find a specific technical term or state "to-be-created"  so I will interpret it in the simple english for.  Something planned but not created yet.

  • A quick google shows several pieces of information on GCE start up scripts.

  • similar result is I google:  Google GCE Stackdriver logging

Knowing the services really well is a key to making the exam easy.  However even if you feel that you are missing some information you can follow the process discussed in the lab.  By eliminating the nonsense, you can be left with a limited number of choices where even partial technical knowledge can get you to the right answer(s)

I encourage you to do the AWS Exam Prep course. the techniques discussed are equally applicable to Google exams.


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