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allow-backend-to-backend-fwr – Using Source Service Account

My solution also has the allow-backend-to-backend-fwr rule the trainer set up. I give it a higher priority over the other rules. I can only get this rule to work when I use the IP Ranges or Subnet for the Source Filter. The rule never gets applied when I use the Backend-sa service account. What am I doing wrong here?

1 Answers

Hi Steve.  Did you get this sorted?  I’m not sure if this applies, but remember that you need to think through the egress rules and the ingress rules separately, as the priority only applies to rules of the same type.  If you’re still having trouble, can you please write out more information about what you’ve done (like listing all the rules and your subnets’ info) so we can help you debug?  And another good exercise to follow is to make a brand new project and carefully remake things as best you can; often this can help you notice some small thing you might have overlooked, before.  Hope this helps!


Steve Plowman

No, I never got it sorted out and deleted the subnets, but thanks anyways.

Mattias Andersson

I’m sorry to hear that, Steve. 🙁 Well, if you do pick this back up and retry it, I hope these ideas can help lead you to figuring this out.

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