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All Previous data got removed from my login(login after a week)

I forgot my password and re-login , need to re-enter all my card details again, previous setup is not there? can you please tell me why it happen?

1 Answers

Hello Manohar,

  You did not specify, but I will assume that you are referring to access to the A Cloud Guru site. 

If you forgot your password you should be able to simply reset it.  You should not need to create a new account which is what it appears that you are attempting.

Please contact out purchase support line at

Identify the issue as "Billing and Single Purchases" .
Please include your receipt to expedite the recovery process.

They are a great team and will help you as quickly as possible. 

If the issue is with the Google site you will need to contact Google support. 🙂

This can all be sorted out when you contact the right support team.



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