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After creating a user with permissons as Billing Account User , its not allowing to create a project

I have created a Non-Admin user with billing account role as Billing Account User. Then I logged in as the billing account user and tried creating a new project .But it does not allow me to create a new project and says ‘resourcemanager.project.creator’ role is missing . I tried assigning the project creator role through IAM , but i dont find any role as project creator . Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.

1 Answers

Indeed, a user with the "Billing Account User" role does not have permission to create a project. If you want to do such thing, you also need to give that user the "Project Creator" role, which can be found under Resource Manager category in the role list.

Notice that, the correct role ID to be used with gcloud is roles/resourcemanager.projectCreator.


Yes , I went to IAM page and tried adding the project creator role to the same user . But in the resource manager it has roles only for Organization administrator ,project deleter , project IAM admin etc but there is no role for Project Creator in the resource manager. From where do i grant this role?

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