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Advanced Challenge Lab in CLI confusion

While I’m working through the lab in the console, I’m also trying to think about how I will do the lab with the command line interface. There’s a couple things I am confused on: 

How can I link on project to a billing account in the command line?

How can I create an instance with a startup script in the command line? I typed in [gcloud compute instances create –help] and I didn’t find anything that seemed specific to a startup script.

3 Answers

To your second question: You supply that through metadata

(select gcloud tab)

Alternatively you could play with 

1. Loading the longer startup script to a bucket.

2. Referencing that location in your shorter script provided directly

FYI, below are the commands i used for the advanced revision of this lab:

gcloud projects create lab81a

gcloud config set project lab81a

gcloud alpha billing projects link (google the remaining bits pls)

gsutil mb -c standard -l us-east1 gs://lab81-adv-bucket

gcloud compute instances create lab81-ce1 --machine-type=f1-micro --preemptible

--zone us-east1-c



Celeste Wilson

Thank you!

Simplifying it, you can do like below:

#: create the new project  
gcloud projects create new-project005 --enable-cloud-apis  

#: list billing accounts

gcloud alpha billing accounts list  

#: link the project and the billing account

gcloud alpha billing projects link new-project005 --billing-account XXXXXXXXXXX  

#: set the current session project's

gcloud config set project new-project005
#: set the default region and the default zone on the cloud shell  
gcloud config set compute/region us-west2  
gcloud config set compute/zone us-west2-b

To create an instance loading up a startup script, it a script at the home of your user on Cloud Shell instance and execute a command like the one below:

#: create the instance with the user-data script, the metadata for the bucket and the scopes for monitoring, storage and logging  
gcloud compute instances create myvm01 --metadata lab-logs-bucket=gs://new-project005/ --metadata-from-file --scopes storage-rw,monitoring-write,logging-write --machine-type f1-micro --deletion-protection

I hope it helps.


Celeste Wilson

Thanks this is perfect!

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