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admin account could see the “My First Project” linked to the “My Trial Billing Account”

At 7:40 in this lab it was mentioned that the admin user cannot see the project of user account linked to the "My Trial Billing Account"). I followed along and in my case the admin user could see it, not only the project numbers (3) but also it was listed.

Probably this is a change in the console? The admin user has "Billing Account Administrator" permission so I guess can see all projects which are linked to the billing account.

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Hello!  I’m glad you’re following along and making sure you understand the things we’re covering. 👍

As for the projects you see, there are two different views in the console that are rather different in their function.  To get to each of them, go to the "Billing" section in the console, drop the billing account dropdown (it probably says "My Trial Billing Account"), and choose "Manage billing accounts".

From the "Manage billing accounts" screen, if you go to the "My Projects" tab, this lists the projects that you (presumably the admin account) own.  This list may include projects linked to your trial billing account, but it may also include some that are not linked to it.  (For what it’s worth, I’ve unlinked my admin account’s "My Very First Project" to free up the billing account linking quota.)

From the "Manage billing accounts" screen, if you press on the "My Trial Billing Account" in the list, it will take you to the overview screen for that billing account.  On that overview screen, there is another list of projects–but a different one.  The projects listed here are the ones linked to the billing account–and you can see the Project Name and Project ID of each, even if you don’t own / can’t access the project.  But because you control the billing account, you can choose to "Disable billing" for any of them (from the dropdown).

I think that the "Billing Access Control" lecture, later on in the course, will give you a bit more insight into how this all works.

Does this help explain what you’ve seen, or is there something I’ve missed about your question?


Just to support the above Answer, In the drop down of "select project" on admin account console’s home page, user project is not listed.

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