Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Additional lessons

This is a great course so far! When can we expect the publication of additional lectures and labs?


+1 to this. when will the rest be here?

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Hey, thanks! I’m really glad you’re liking it, so far! 😁

I have just recently arrived home from a very busy trip of Google Cloud Next and Serverlessconf SF ’18–and then I’ve had a few urgent situations since I returned–but I will soon get back to updating (especially post-Next) and adding to the courses. I understand that people would like to have a concrete timeline (presumably to plan an exam date), but I can’t promise one, at this time–and that’s a key reason why this course is currently a members-only preview. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in each day! 😝

That said, I’d love to hear what parts of the course are registering most strongly with you all, so far–so I can prioritize making the most valuable stuff first. 🙂 Should I spend more time mapping out data flows of labs? Or making more new labs? Or more theory lectures to fill in the gaps? I will be making some of each of these, regardless, but feedback could help me focus a bit more.

Also, some people have made some very helpful posts about their exam experiences and I’ve been linking them into this exam report mega-thread. I am trying to link to one additional post that gave many tips on what to focus on for the ACE exam and described how to use my current courses as they already are to support that goal–but that post now seems to have been corrupted, somehow, so the devs are looking into what happened. I hope they can fix it, as I’m sure many of you would find it very helpful!

Edit: Good news!  The devs have fixed that valuable exam report post, so it is now linked to from the exam report mega-thread! =)

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