Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread (Please Read Carefully)

Hello! I will edit this thread to include links to new exam reports people write up. Please read through these reports to get helpful tips before you sit your exam.


If you read one of these posts and appreciate that the author took of their time to write up their experience, please remember to upvote that post by pressing the little up arrow displayed to the left of the post title. 😀👍

And to make your own report, please use this link. Please make each report a separate question, not an answer to this post. Thanks!

Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

Professional Cloud Architect (PCA)

Keep being awesome, cloud gurus!




Maks Khomutskyi

Thanks Mattias! Great topic! I

Mattias Andersson

😁 I’m glad you’re both getting value from it!

Usama Liaquat

Thanks Mattias!

Mattias Andersson

You’re welcome! 🙂


Amazing post (y)

Mattias Andersson


Raul Medina Nussbaum

I have a small internal Web App on AWS built with AppSync. To get my hands dirty, I’m making a clone of the Web App but using GCP techs (and honestly, Azure too, I want to at least know the differences and options amongst them) I found very useful the SRE book from Google, it helps to understand how it is architected, similar to the AWS Well Architected Framework, so I do recommend that the book and the workbook are used, if you really want to learn and do, not just pass.

Wayne Zhu

Passed the exam today. Thanks for all the information listed.

Ashish Barot

Thank you Mattias for sharing this important information, it will be very helpful to anyone who is new to Google Cloud Platform.

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Instead of posting your exam report as an answer or comment, here, please post your own exam report as a new question, as described above.  Thanks!


Thanks Mattias for putting this together, it is very useful  … i wonder if something like this could be a best practice for other classes    – – Cheers!

Mattias Andersson

You’re very welcome! And I will pass along your suggestion! 😁👍

Great compilation Mattias.

Hello Mattias,

I also passed my ACE and PCA this month. In addition to your lists. Here are my learnings.

1. Youtube Channel of "Google Cloud Platforms" is a must. There are playlist there that discuss GCP services and it put emphasis on what is the latest and what is new

2. Decision tree and data flows are sooo important. I saw one that is really good.

3. The beta/preview of Acloud Guru ( Google network engineer and Data Engineer course). It added knowledge to the "what if" and covers some information to PCA exams.

Thanks Mattias for the help. #salute.

Preparing for this certification. I hope this thread is still relevant. I’ll appreciate a feedback.

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