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About ‘use Groups, instead!!!’ recommendation

I’ve got surprised with this feature of GCP. 

You give roles to a group … but the group members are controlled outside GCP !!!!  … in a general purpose tool (Double security management required).

In my learning GCP position and at first sight I’m thinking this is a weak feature. It seems that in GCP there is no single point where you have control about your users and how they are organized.

Am I wrong? 

Any alternatives?

Thank you very much

1 Answers

Hello Pacolo,

From Google’s documentation:

In Cloud IAM, you grant access to members. Members can be of the following types:

Google Account

Service account

Google group

G Suite domain

Cloud Identity domain

So when you say " but the group members are controlled outside GCP" they are not outside really.  I encourage you to read and look at the picture there to get a good idea. Hope this helps. Thanks

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