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You must read this before going to Exam

I passed the exam today but the real exam is very different from my expectation.

Assumption of my case: I skipped all the labs because of the time constraint.

1. the syllabus

  • After taking the real exam, i would conclude that learning from this course solely is not sufficient to support you to take the exam.

  • I have heared that practice tests by Neal Davis are highly recommended by some bloggers. So I have bought it but I thought it was somehow out of syllabus as there are many answers which are not mentioned by the exam guide and ACG. But my experience is that YES!!!! practice tests by Neal Davis are the most similar to the real exam questions.

2. the wordings in the official exam

  • Unlike ACG practice exam, the wordings in the real official exam are not obvious. I can only answer <10 questions because I saw that certain keywords used in the questions. Just do your deep learning. You cannot rely on the keywords.

  • I would sort the practice questions I have studied by the difficulty level and the level of keywords un-obviousness as below

The real exam>= practice tests by Neal Davis > AWS Sample Questions > AWS Official Practice Question Set > ACG practice exam

For your reference, I answered AWS Official Practice Question Set 19/20 correctly and ACG practice exam 98%. However, I flag 52/65 questions in the real exam and finish the exam with no time remaining.

1 Answers

Congratulations on passing Ken, and thanks for the very useful feedback 🙂

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