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‘Working with AWS VPC Flow Logs for Network Monitoring’ LAB Question

Hi,  I was working on the task of ‘Create CloudWatch Filters and Alerts’ in ‘Working with AWS VPC Flow Logs for Network Monitoring’ LAB, but it looks that the way to create ‘Metric Filter’ is different now. It asked more info to fill in, e.g.  ‘Metric namespace’,  ‘Metric value’ and so on. Also I can’t create the alarm in the metric filters. Can you please advise?



Edwin Godoy

El query de athena no nos funciono, al remplazar los datos del nombre del bucket y el account id. Genera un error.

Edwin Godoy

No output location provided. An output location is required either through the Workgroup result configuration setting or as an API input. (Service: AmazonAthena; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidRequestException; Request ID: 2712eef1-3aaf-4c04-a6c7-7c2edba032ea; Proxy: null)

1 Answers

Because ACG has decided not to update this lab (I mean, come on, the dashboard is much different from what is portrayed in the video and instructions), it is best to read about this on AWS Documentation.

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