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Why the Quiz is not displayed?

The exam Quiz does not display. I tried for two consecutive days thinking that I had internet issues, but I think the problem is coming from ACG WebSite.

Do you have the same problem?

Edited : replaced "exam" by "quiz".

1 Answers

Is this the "Open practice exam" button on the SAA-C02 dashboard?
Just to note I am able to launch the practice exam fine.

If so, have you tried the following?

  • Open website in incognito and launching it from there.

  • Using another web browser.

  • If you inspect the page when you are trying to launch it, what errors are you having.

  • Is the error on or

Mohammed Amine

Please read "Quiz" and not "Exam". Sorry for the confusion.

Lewis Stevens

No worries can you let me know the quiz title as there are about 20 in this course.

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