AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Why do we have multiple courses with same title?

Almost completed the old one, I see there is a new one. Is there any substantial update one SAA-C02 exam?

Matthew Draycott

I’ve just realsied there are two course and I’m 75% of my way through one of them. Hopefully I’m doing the right one 🤞

3 Answers

According to the co-instructor for THIS course, the old one is just that — old, probably still valuable, but old (see details below).



Old: 35.7 hours – normal hair –

New: 44.3 hours – wilder hair –



Alex Galvin (co-instructor) wrote:


Please see the new version of this course as we cover that content in the Migration section:


Thank you Sean, guess it will be wise to brush up new course.


😀 Wilder hair for extra 8.6hours.

I passed the exam yesterday and I have few bits to answer my own question. 

1. the updated course is definitely more aligned with the exam.

2. The gotchas from new course are directly relatable to the questions asked. 

3. I felt like the practice test on acloudguru was too easy compared to the actual test, that would need update (especially when it comes to time management, on actual test I lost lot of time reading through questions which were really lengthy with really lengthy options) 

Hope this helps, cheers!


I highly recommend paying for a practice exam, as these better reflect the difficulty of the actual SAA exam. The aCloud practice exam is definitely easier.

There seems to be an old version and a new version of the SAA-CO2 course. I find this very confusing. I hope a website official can come out and explain why there has to be two courses and recommend the right one to take. Why not remove the old course?


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02)


This is new one, I did both, used the second one to brush up the topics. In exam perspective, second one had lot of pointers

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