AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Why did this SAA-C02 offer too little content to pass?

Disclaimer: I like ACG, especially sandboxes, and have used it for 1.5 years. 

I just took and passed SAA-C02, BUT not 100% due to this course, or 90%, 80%, or even 70%. I watched every video from this set AND half of the older SAA-C02 set of videos (about 36 hours instead of this 42+ hours), and then took the practice exam 3 times.

Then, 2 days before the exam, I bought the practice exams from Udemy (from Tutorialsdojo, a 3rd party) to confirm my knowledge, and I was shocked about how much detail was there that was NOT presented in SAA-C02 course, so I quickly compared 5 videos on VPC from Udemy to this course and ACG was missing details that were presented on my exam.

Here’s my quick list of stuff that ACG should ABSOLUTELY be presenting but did not:

1. While ACG wrote, tongue in cheek, that CloudFront fixes all network issues, the exam prep shows you how Lambda@Edge and CloudFront cache work together to authenticate requests closer to home

2. I couldn’t find anything in this course that would have prepared me to choose the following correct answer from Udemy, "Authenticate the users using Redis AUTH by creating a new Redis Cluster with both the –transitencryption-enabled and –auth-token parameters enabled."

I’m not asking for a refund or an apology. I just expected more from ACG, and now I have more work–should I continue to spend (lose a portion of) my time with ACG, or continue with ACG but prioritize some combination of less ACG and more Udemy and Tutorialsdojo?


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Yaad Karim

Interesting. I will be starting with TD practise test as I’m in the last stretch of my SAA study prep and will see how the content here stacks up.

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