AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Which SAA-C02 Do I take?

Should I take this course? I already started the other SAA-C02

Audun Huseby

I’m just starting out myself. I followed the link for this course from the Certification path page:

3 Answers

Hi Virgil,

This is the right course! It is the latest ans greatest version 🙂


Seems this course was just launched…damn I am literally on the quizzes of the previous course. I understand there will be overlap but any suggestions on what I should watch/participate in here that wasn’t in the previous?

Virgil Raing

Thanks Alvin!

Duke the Giant

Same frustration here, Jacobschushcel. Alex, if there’s a "latest and greatest", but two nearly identically titled courses, it would be really nice to have some obvious notice added to the old one (or to just retire it).

I may have answered my own question:

Look for bigger numbers to find newer courses – more hours include more quizzes and hands-on labs.

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