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When to use Simple Routing policy over Multivalue Answer Routing policy?

In the Multivalue Answer Routing policy lecture we learn that this policy is essentially like thie Simple Routing policy but with healthchecks. I can’t think of a single situation where I would choose Simple Routing over Multivalue Answer Routing policy. Am I missing anything? In what scenario this wouldn’t be the case?

Thanks a lot in advance!

1 Answers

The main reason you would use a simple routing policy over multi-value is where you would always want to return that IP address and that ip address only.

If you use a multi-answer you could be returned any of the values and at any order.

Personally I have found that if using a single record in a multi-answer value record, when updating it has been caught trying to route to the other one for longer than simple routing (may have been due to the association of health check) so in a case where you are just directly pointing to an address and only wanting a single value returned its best to just use the single value.

Most of my health checks are now done via LB instead of DNS anyway and if you are looking at resiliency a failover may be the record you would prefer.

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