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Weighted Routing TTL

Hi, everyone! I’m just curious on how did Ryan got a "This site can’t be reached" page when he did a hard refresh on the page. He was first directed to the Tokyo server which has a TTL of 60s. After he did a hard refresh, was he supposed to get directed to the NV server immediately since the browser’s cache was cleared. So, I guess my question is how did Ryan get that 404 page regarding TTL. His explanation doesn’t make much sense to me. Thanks!

1 Answers

He got the error since dns for the Virginia server had not propagated to the dns server his client uses.  Even though he created the Virginia record first does not mean his dns server will be able to resolve it before the Tokyo record was created.  Most likely he has that dns name pointing to a different IP address while creating the course.  If he did all of that in less than 5 minutes then the TTL was the issue.  He actually mentioned that i the course when he got the error page.

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