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Weight routing policy based on percentage or 0-255 ?

In the AWS console in create record section it shows that "the weight can be a number between 0 and 255", however in the lecture when he put 30 he told it’s going to be 30% of the traffic, So which one is it? or am I confused?

2 Answers

So yes, the value can be anything between the values however, what it does is takes a sum of all of the records and then split it accordingly.

For example:

Record A – 5

Record B – 10

Twice as much traffic will be sent to record B than A.

Record A – 69

Record B – 138

Twice as much traffic will be sent to record B than A.

  • Side note: If any of the values are 0 they are not taken into consideration, or if they all are 0 the traffic is distributed evenly.

Tiji Mathew

If there are only two records to direct traffic to the same site, we don’t need to specify B.

Tiji Mathew

Excerpt from AWS documentatoin states that..

Tiji Mathew

For example, if you want to send a tiny portion of your traffic to one resource and the rest to another resource, you might specify weights of 1 and 255. The resource with a weight of 1 gets 1/256th of the traffic (1/(1+255)), and the other resource gets 255/256ths (255/(1+255)). You can gradually change the balance by changing the weights. If you want to stop sending traffic to a resource, you can change the weight for that record to 0.

Tiji Mathew

How does the routing the "other" instance work in that case ?

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