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user interface rather than Linux command terminal

if am not familiar with Linux command , can we do the same steps like copy and paste or file editing thru user interface ?

2 Answers

Yes you can, using a GUI like GNome or KDE. But, if you are connecting to an EC2 instance (or any other Linux) using the SSH protocol, you can’t do it as it is text only.

I suggest that you learn those commands as they are not that many (cp, mv, nano).

Segun samuel

can somebody please help me out with how to learn linux and make things easy for me ?

Hi Segun,

I would recommend this course from ACloudGuru:

It should teach you core elements to actually using linux.

Yes, it is for the "LPI Linux Essentials Certification" but to be able to do this as a job you will need to be able to do everything under this at a minimal level, you can go further but this really is the basics.

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