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Use Case and Difference Between Fail over Routing and Multivalue Answer Routing?

This may be  dumb of me, but I am having a difficult time understanding the difference between the two routing policies. If the point of Failover Routing is to ensure availability, it seems like Multivalue Answer would fit kind of the same role to me. So when would I use one over the other, and why? Thanks in advance for any help!

Max Glogoza

Gonna respond to my own question here lol. After thinking about it more, would you want to use Multivalue Answer Routing if you require more than 2 endpoints? Failover, if I am not mistaken, will only allow a primary and secondary endpoint to be used. Let me know if I figured it or not lol.

1 Answers

For me, the key difference is that with Failover, the primary is always given. With Multivalue, as it works like Simple, different IPs can be given for each request. A failed health check means that a particular IP is dropped from the response ‘pool’.

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