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Unable to make an object public

I am going through the training and am at the very beginning on S3. I am having difficulty making an object public. The Make public via ACL is turned off and the gui seems a bit differenct from the training.

Marko Livancic

Make sure to uncheck the "block public access for this bucket" while creating the bucket. If you want to make an object public, you can check the object mark on the left in the bucket interface, go to actions and click "Make public via ACL". Note that you will need to have ACL turned on while making the bucket.

Maxson Green

I am having the same issue as Uma. In the Lab in the Certification course, he must be using an older version of AWS, because he completely ignores ACL, and when he makes the object in his bucket public, he simply clicks an action called "Make public." How is the new way different?

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