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Transit Gateway and hub-and-spoke model


I got confused about the transit gateway and its hub-and-spoke model. 

The Transit gateway allows you to connect many VPCs. So Let’s say if I have 50 VPCs (e.g. VPC-1 … VPC-100), I can use the Transit gateway to connect them. So all of my 50 VPCs connect to the Transit Gateway once and they all can talk to each other.  Is my understanding correct? 

Or, Do I still have to do like VPC peering? So I need to connect like that. 

* VPC1 -> VPC2, VPC3 …. VPC50

  • VPC2 -> VPC1, VPC3 … VPC50

If I am adding VPC51, I need to add the following too. 

  • VPC51 -> VPC1, VPC2 … VPC50. 

Because they work on the hub-and-spoken model.  Do we have to do the same thing with the transit gateway too?

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