AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Take the Developer – Associate and Solutions Architect – Associate at the same time?

Hello everyone.

I just passed my Cloud Practitioner today.

I am thinking to arrange two tests for AWS Certified Developer – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate two weeks after.

I’m not sure whether if it’s possible because I found both of the syllabuses are overlapping.


Possibility really depends on your knowledge, and one of the practice tests on Developer might be worth it to help you make a decision on if you can do them that close or if you need more time to study the sections specific to the Developer track.

1 Answers

It would be possible and they do overlap quite a bit, I would recommend doing the SAA first though as I found that was the most overlapping certification, it had quite a bit over the cloud practitioner and developer, although the developer has quite a bit more around the tooling used for deployments etc.

I took the Solutions Architect Associate a week after my cloud practitioner, it was quite a bit of a jump, however, I feel there was more of a jump from Solutions Architect Associate to Developer. If you actually get the hands-on experience I feel that it is totally possible but for some people, it may take retries.

Wee Hong KOH

Thanks. I think I would use two weeks to revise the course again.

Lewis Stevens

no problem, an extra 2 weeks can really help 🙂

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