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Set up virtual MFA device fails with “You need permissions…”

I’m in Chapter 4.1 "Securing the Root Account". When I try to "Assign MFA device" I select "Virtual MFA Device", hit Continue, and an error comes up saying "You need permissions, You do not have the permissions required to perform this operation. Ask your administrator to add permissions." What am I doing wrong?

Rinn Neidig

I ran into this too and I think it is just a limitation to what we can do in the sandbox.

2 Answers

I think the user using which you logged in have not enough previlege

Indeed, the labs created here are automatically spun up with a user account created for you. The root account in this case then is owned by ACG, and they are providing you a temporary user login. 

If you really want to experiment with MFA, I’d recommend you follow the steps laid out, but using your own email and CC to set up an AWS account and jump on free tier. Any weird restrictions ACG places on you in sandbox wont apply then. But beware, it’s possible to leave services running and rack up a decent bill. So long as you a prudent however, your own personal AWS account should be a great addition.


Great, thanks for the feedback! I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong, or if it was related to the sandbox environment. At this point I’m not inclined to do much in a personal account until I’m more proficient in AWS. Thanks!

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