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S3 Life cycle management

Can i move a s3 object from Glacier back to Standard tier using a life cycle management?

2 Answers

Hello Julio, 

Hope below explanation helps.

Note: The information in this article doesn’t apply to S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

If you have archived Amazon S3 objects to S3 Glacier Storage Class using a lifecycle rule, you can choose from three options to restore them: expedited retrieval, standard retrieval, and bulk retrieval. Follow these steps to restore an archived object using the Amazon S3 console, and choose a restore tier that meets your needs:

1. Open the Amazon S3 console, and choose the Amazon S3 bucket that stores the archived objects that you want to restore.

2. Select the archived object, and choose Actions.

3. Select Initiate restore, and specify the number of days you want the restored file to be accessible for.

4. Select a Retrieval option—Bulk, Standard, or Expedited—and choose Restore.

After the restoration is complete, you can download the restored object from the Amazon S3 console. Depending on the retrieval option selected, the restore completes in:

1-5 minutes for expedited retrievals

3-5 hours for standard retrievals

5-12 hours for bulk retrievals

Thanks, Patel. I thought that existed a way to save me the time of download and upload it again, using a life cycle backward.

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