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Why am I not seeing links and references materials in the resources section?

2 Answers

Hi @Jdc3798. When I start a lesson video that shows the paperclip resources icon, I see the resources. I compared this new course to the old one and they seem to work the same. I also verified that the resources show up in the Android app when viewing a lesson. Since this is a new course, perhaps there was an issue when you looked? If you’re still experiencing the issue, please add more details and I’ll look again.

Chris Joyner

I see paperclips on a few but as an example, when it states links will be in resources, there is only the transcript. This is the case in the very beginning

Alex Galvin

Which video are you not seeing the resoruces for? If you give me the specific title I can take a look for you.

Richard Johnson

Yeah, the resource section is there, but not the link to the shared responsibility model referred to in the video.

Thanks everyone! Looks like the resources are up. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.


Thanks Alex.

Nicholas Fritzenkotter

FYI, under the Resources tab and then Resources heading, I’m still not seeing anything besides "Download Transcript". To find the shared responsibility model link, I had to navigate to this discussion and use Richard Johnson’s comment.

M Babgi

yeah the same here

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