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PUT/COPY/POST/Delete v/s GET/HEAD requests

Optimizing S3 Performance > What is PUT/COPY/POST/Delete v/s GET/HEAD requests ?

1 Answers

PUT/COPY/POST/Delete are your write actions. PUT requests-in this case for S3-uploads objects; COPY is self-explanatory; POST request is used to send any data(includes file uploads) to your S3 endpoints via HTTPs, and Delete is also self-explanatory. In S3, any action that has Put and Delete in the name uses the above HTTPs requests

GET/HEAD are your download actions. GET request grab contents from S3(think of downloads). Any download you perform from S3 has a Get method behind the scenes in the API call; HEAD does the same above but only reads the headers in the request. In S3, any action that has Get* has the above HTTPs requests.

Refer to this doc for S3 actions:
Refer to this doc for HTTP request methods:

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