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Placing AWS EB app behind an existing ALB (Application Load Balancer)

I currently have an EB app (using an ALB, migrated from a previous Classic Load Balancer) that I need to put behind another ALB.

I can create a Target Group for which the target is the EB app ALB, but I can’t seem to be able to add such Target Group as part of a rule to forward traffic from the first ALB (in front of EB app) to the EB ALB.

A quick diagram of what I’d like to do:

System-ALB —> AWS EB App

So when there’s a request coming to the first ALB DNS, it gets forwarded to the Target Group which has only one target (AWS EB App ALB).

It’s not an option for me to target the EB App EC2 instance directly as the app is only accesible via the EB ALB. Is there a better solution for me at this point than removing the EB app and working with an EC2 instance?


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