AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Passed the SAA-C02 Examination on December 16th, 2021! What are my next steps to become an Architect? How to obtain a position?

Thank you so much Cloud Guru’s for your great course and helping me to achieve the Certification.  I would like to see if anyone can give some advice on what the next steps are and how to obtain a junior Architect position, so I can get on the job experience.

Martin Lewis

I would try and invest some time and effort in-between looking for jobs to create an online porfolio of work, perhaps create a blog about different architecture topics, perhaps hosting it yourself, research and blog about architecture design and interview questions. Get some books on the subject, see if you could join some meetup groups and network. Join linked In, research companies you want to work for, check out websites for job vacancies

Martin Lewis

And good luck for getting the first job, it will be hard to get – there will be set backs, don’t give up and keep learning and keep building up a profile of work.

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