AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Passed SAA-C02 – Exam Feedback

Finally passed SAA-C02 yesterday

ACloudGuru was my main source of learning and it was very helpful to understand questions and answer them with ease. I completed both versions of SAA-C02 courses here. and I reviewed TutorialDojo practice questions couple days before the exam, but most important is to go through exam tips videos before at least 1 day sitting for the exam.

Exam subjects are diverse across subjects. some new concepts popped up though:

  • Distributed Session Management System Design.

  • Lowest Latency option in networking between EC2 instances (Cluster wasn’t an option there)

  • AWS ElasticSearch Security & Encryption

  • Most of the questions focused on Cost Effectiveness

  • AWS Storage Gateway

  • AWS Backup

  • Good amount of questions on decoupling systems/Lambda/SQS

  • Usual questions over Auto-Scaling/Security/Redshift

  • and please please READ THIS LINK: as I didn’t see this covered in any course I’ve taken for this exam.

Wish everyone best of luck in their exams and again Thanks a million ACloudGuru for everything. Time to get to Developer Course now 🙂

Aruna pat

I have registered this course in udemy. "AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2020" uploaded by acloudguru. But some of the services I see them as uncovered. Can any one tell me if the same course in is any different than udemy one.. Thanks You


Currently there are two versions of the course available on site. The older and newer one. Hard to say, witch one have you got on udemy.

Sunil Vallabhaneni

I have started my training for SAA c02. Can someone please clarify, which one is the latest version. • (43.3 HOURS) • hours). Quiz seems to be better on this version Thank you

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