AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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passed SA – Associate exam Dec 30th, 2021

Passed exam yesterday (score 838). Here are some of areas questions were from:

Scenarios for FSx luster (High performance computing)

S3 tiers – intelligent tier – scenario random usage from multiple applications

Scenario SFTP server on prem

Sharing VPCs – Transit Gateway


Lot of questions on ALB

Network LB with static IP for adding in on-prem firewall

SQS based ASG

Dynamo DB

Read Replica

DR in AWS of on-prem infra

AWS infra DR in another region,15 minutes time allowed

AWS Storage Gateway – file/volume gateway between aws and on-prem

SMB based file systems

NAT gateway

VPC endpoint to avoid going through internet

Many EC2s using s3 – how to avoid data transfer cost  (EC2 instances in the same AZs)

DDoS attack from thousand of IPs – AWS Shield Advanced

ASG – scenario known load time window for the overnight batch of month end process

JSON sample of s3:deleteObject – question was for adding slash at the end (/) to the bucket name

Database at rest encryption

Yasir Hussain

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yasir Hussain

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