AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02)

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Passed AWS Solutions Architect Assoc. exam

Thanks to Ryan and Team! I also used Tutorials Dojo- their exams are golden (sorry for the plug). Also, I joined AWS Solutions Architect Global Challenge, took AWS Technical Essentials, and AWS Exam Readiness. On to AWS Developer! Best wishes to everyone on your journey :^)

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I choosed AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 Practice Exam of braindumpsstore for preparation. By using SAA-C02 practice exam of braindumpsstore, i easily cleared all concepts related to final exam. On the exam day i performed well and i got success with best results.

Firstly Congratulation Dude. I am also preparing for AWS certification solution architect unfortunately missed my discount voucher. Can u kindly tell which topic question comes a lot ? like VPC, Cloud watch etc. Moreover tell do i need to focus on topics like Athena, Macie, Glue etc ? 


Dudette, thank you. Each exam is different even in terms of content and level of difficulty, which is why scores are scaled. Having said that, the AWS SAA Global Challenge told us the FAQs to study, and I took that as meaning those topics would be heavy hitters across all administrations of the exam. The FAQs were: EC2, S3, VPC, Route 53, RDS & SQS. I hit those topics hard 3 days before the exam and that may have been what saved me. AWS only gave us 7 days beyond the deadline to use the discount voucher- but for me it was more about successfully completing something I started rather than the discount. I did not feel prepared for the exam- in addition, I was tired and stressed, but decided to go for it so I was shocked to see Congratulations You Passed. Best wishes on your journey.

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