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Opening new tabs while performing labs

How do you open new tabs while in the labs as a different users for testing

4 Answers

I belive that you can connect as only two users. One with your normal tab and other with incognito mode.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? You want to do the labs while following the video direction?

David: Start the Lab in incognito mode. Once you’re logged in to the AWS console, right click on any link and open it in a new, regular tab (don’t choose incognito mode this time) and it will open another copy of the console as the same user.

You can connect with all four users, but only two are necessary at a time. Starting in a normal tab for the cloud user and logging in as the other users in incognito (private browsing) is a better option — The lab has you create a role to switch to. This configuration persists, even after the lab is finished.

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