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Not able to launch the EC2 with EBS storage as in the Lecture in Sandbox

I am not able to launch the EC2 with EBS storage as in the Lecture in Sandbox. It give me an encoded authorization failure message.

Launch Failed

You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message: t3pkbMrDZHsE4UAvMlt3iu26xJgGbGQz8Rkbxm6RQLq_6Tf6hA66NFav9HGlnmQyfZy2AWX2-ONlsUIRp8R3jXb6dR3kTCJ41q6PIAq6-FB2b8VN0BEiQkmzsW-5WwF-kA_RXCmTBOGgpFxROV8PmYNS5wKHuGu_AcqghR2z5GLFPjpU8D_5xY9QJG-LXa9tiJSBahOo0-gaf6GJxleRWs-BpmoNUAO9O_x4BQySR95A_TElv6wNNLqXH9ZO9PezuPbOyLUBQHhC1qCK51eM6ghC1YueoCPv7lLZt9yZvLbfCyZSWC40hmS9VLEMJsqYNLYrH6tq99_f7gX-_Dog0hRp15sCTwDu-LpjUTJwsWMhdiQBUxMUcOMiuuhlmiwecrWF0zwfdAysRYatDnVay93Ix_KObsGrwtpxcJAjVjRxABAY0OKzCl_vdKdbIOkn29xMUYvBSjNQA3sTDQ4xMXsVzUiNj7T_D1dFsaBSybfjit-Lq3GO65rIKqfwSrxAPSN8yRzb8gEaLwNNI8HwPGTY4qx3pRT66xACvq5gnHB_yQqexNUt7lZJRK6jSynQDEUXo8PAJhE3wIAWpvJK_8B3yveosNZZtqHlgpPNX0oSKOG4u5KXucaXgxZ4LuzZAFyyDmpmaVJKJ21b8oukdhJF1L_DEQ8nCfQ4OafwsT-HNRNj2dx0bXpR39oaIkdB98aLA65y7FvrwoddzxUseU_1D-XAe2IdoVmr9XZwQ-rbDzhQYYaqwvHbZO9i23qVBTQFJbz56EEQ9C4-SOUonPYk1HaJO_2dTD8IxGLTGE91-v0YxZ0CZnafE5dSLtE3WeyTB6m36SJq15y5lrJ1mKpGEKa6Gz2Z4hjgkrP-HoGOyvZ3eF7J4wrP0tB1BEFsybYb9rsX7JT4fu3PXBf1Qmwk47Aj8tw0wmhc2v7V67FK9YgIpM59Bnc89aBH3AgW6P_dzQFusc2Z-YpQ8lwMzbIzApFuhBRhRrPIUzA4doANVF10SrfGGTkH2-cgeOO5MrnC03ciyBb_h9UoGkI5aBZ0xRK5HxEG5pQFqexgbjrPA1-1onRY_zgmRZY8kpIs14BuDGapNfbao6zVVkJoqGmSzPoaLmMhE1E2GENCakU06190xUaJeL0qR_4tVgUxMLL1HwoftAaB81k0SiqAx2tZTvNbzVV7Zg


You can’t create the volume type used in the lecture in the sandbox, likely because sc1 requires 125GB minimum and that is restricted in the sandbox, and you can’t copy snapshots to anywhere outside the US in the sandbox (which is also done in the lecture). What I did was use a different type of disk (magnetic) and only 8 GB, and then copied the snap to Oregon in the US – I was able to do the lab this way – really this is the exact concepts covered and you learned the exact same things- it is exactly what they demonstrated.

Ultra Mobile B

thanks for the tip, will try it out as i’m also facing the same issue OP described.

Abhijith Kandankutty

Thanks for the information. I was able to complete the demo.

1 Answers

I’m sure that Bryan’s answer is correct.

If you ever want to decode the encoded authorization failure message, you can do so with the sts decode-authorization-message API command, see  That will decode the encrypted authorization failure message and should help you understand why exactly the operation has failed.

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