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Lab: Build Solutions across VPCs with Peering – Create Peering Connection Error

Receiving an error via the AWS Console when attempting to create the VPC Peering Connection between DB_VPC and WEB_VPC

Error reads:

Invalid value '' for peerOwnerId

Was able to complete the step using the AWS CLI via the AWS CloudShell using the following command:

aws ec2 create-vpc-peering-connection --vpc-id $REQUESTER-ID --peer-vpc-id $ACCEPTER-ID

Hopefully this helps get the lab updated, and unblock any students working through the lab with this same error.

Brian Williams

Thank you!!

4 Answers

Thank you for this!! I learned something new with AWS CloudShell too!

Wow, just tried this lab. Still getting the same error. How can you have a Lab broken for two months and not fix it ??? Just lost all faith ACG!

Somebody came across this issue when using the web console, see  Their issues remained present when retried 24 hours later. They were able to resolve it by switching from Firefox to Chrome.

This doesn’t seem to be a common error.

Is it possible that there is something odd going on with your local terminal, which is not present when using the remote CloudShell?

Have you tried updating AWS CLI, for example?

There is something in Firefox that is causing this issue. It’s not ACG’s or AWS’s fault. I switched to Edge and was able to create the peering connection with no problem.

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