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Is there any way we can replicated the files that are uploaded before replication is enabled from source bucket to destination buckets?

The question is related to S3 replication. In the lesson, Ryan showed to upload the file in the source bucket without replication turned on first. so obviously the files will not be replicated to the destination bucket. Then he uploaded the file again to get that file to be replicated. My question is if there is any easy way to replicate the file without uploading again?

1 Answers

There is currently no automatic method to copy objects present in a bucket before replication is turned on.

There are several options presented in this AWS Premium Support Knowledge Centre article:

Options given are:

  • S3 Batch operation
  • S3DistCP with Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)
  • AWS DataSync

All options will incur additional costs (network traffic plus service costs from selected service)

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