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Is there a slight error in video?

About two minutes into the Nat video we are shown how a Nat gateway is placed in a public subnet and goes through the route table to the Internet. Shouldn’t the arrow point to the other route table or the route table associated with the private subnet? Thank you.

Rich King

I wondered that too- can this be verified as it does at the moment look as though placing a NAT g/w inside a PubS/N is a pretty pointless exercise. Or is it the fact that the route table associated with the public subnet is the only RT allowing outbound access

2 Answers

I think it is correct, the NAT gateway is placed in the public, so it’ll use the route tables associated with the public subnet. if we place it in a private subnet, it won’t have internet access so no use of it.

My point is that the EC2 instance in the private network is using the private route table. That route table has a route to the NAT so the private instance can receive updates. The arrow points to the public route which yes, it’s ultimately going out but it’s through a rule on the private route table. Wow, am I stickler for detail 🙁 Hope that makes sense.

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