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Is it possible to move back an object from S3 Glacier to S3 standard following a lifecycle rule?

Regarding S3 lifecycle rule?

2 Answers

It is not possible to move objects from Glacier to S2 standard using Lifecycle rule. Please refer to

When I read your question, I wondered if intelligent tiering could automatically produce a similar result. Intelligent tiering can move your objects all the way into deep archive (after you opt in for this behavior), but it cannot move them back out of archive (S3 glacier or glacier deep archive) because of how objects are retrieved from archive:

It’s not possible to even get an object from archive without first restoring it:

J Norment

Taking this a bit further, I’m having difficulty imagining a solid use-case for automatically moving out of archive based on life-cycle. Considering that every access out of archive results in a charge, you’d basically be adding consistently recurring retrieval charges. Taken together with the fact that restoring from archive actually results in a duplicate copy of the data, now you’re also duplicating the cost in standard s3 as well, for whatever timespan the data would exist in both places.

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