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io2 Block Express – EBS Volume Type SSD

This is one type that is missing in the lectures but available under documentation. Provides more than 64000 IOPS with sub milliseconds latency. 

Has anyone seen a question recently on this?

1 Answers

I’ve recently taken the exam, and haven’t seen a question on this on my last exam. However, I have seen questions regarding this on practice exams. For example: An organization needs to provision a Amazon EC2 instance with a persistent block storage volume to migrate data from its on-premises network to AWS.

The required maximum performance for the storage volume is 64,000 IOPS. In this scenario, which of the following can be used to fulfill this requirement?

The answer would be: Launch a Nitro-based EC2 instance and attach a Provisioned IOPS SSD EBS volume (io1) with 64,000 IOPS.

A tricky other answer that’s incorrect would be: Launch an EC2 instance and attach an io1 EBS volume with 64,000 IOPS.

This is because the instance isn’t nitro based. I hope this helps.

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