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In AWS playground, some existing resources are showing

when I open AWS playground for the first time as part of my SAA-C02 learning, I notice that some resources are already created and available. For example, I saw one Lambda function and also noticed that CloudTrail shows the audit for existing activities. Is this expected ??

Jhon William

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1 Answers

Hey Siva,

Remember that the AWS playground is a tailored sandbox environment. What I mean by that, is it’s not exactly a perfectly clean and fresh AWS account. You don’t have root user access for example. I’m sure ACG also implements a number of failsafe’s such as restricted IAM permissions, and different auditing techniques to ensure you don’t try to maliciously spin up resources which would cost the an unnecessarily large fee. I’m pretty sure it is these kind of tools that you see running. 

If you wanted a true fresh view of an AWS account, it takes only a few minutes to set up your own account under your own credit card, but beware of what you do. If you left instances running or selected a costly tool, its now you that’s on the hook for this cost, and not ACG.

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