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I am able to copy Public Address and see the “Hello Cloud Gurus” but if I click open address I get the error “This site can’t be reached”? Please, why is it working when copied but not when I click the link.

Lesson 6.5 Security Groups and Bootstrap Scripting

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I would check whether http or https is being used.

I am experiencing the same behavior. Basically, when clicking on "open address", https is used and it is unable to connect. On the other hand, if you copy the EC2 pubic DNS to the clipboard and paste it in the browser, http is used and it is able to connect. However, both http and https ports are open in the security group and therefore both should work. This is indeed a strange outcome. Can someone explain?


Base on bootstrap script, Apache webserver (httpd) configure by default for http. More advance configuration is needed for https. Only since the port 443 is open doesn’t mean the server will serve https.

Apparently, and after reading a few posts on the forum, the Apache server, which is running in the EC2 instance, does not support https by default. The server needs to be configured to support it.


Yes !

I haven’t been able to get any of my bootstrap instances to work for 4 months now and it is very very very frustrating because I am at the point where i can no longer follow along in the console demo’s until I figure it out.


What’s the error or problem you are experiencing ? with details

As Michael suggested, HTTPS is the issue. When you copy and put the IP in browser, you must be using HTTP protocol but when you click on the link, that by default uses HTTPS. Enabling port 443 is one requirement for HTTPS access, you would need to purchase a SSL certificate from CA and attach it to your website to make it work

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